The Mindful Marketplace Podcast

Podcast The Mindful Marketplace with AVL Digital Nomads founder

In an episode of “The Mindful Marketplace” podcast, Joel Skene interviewed our founder, Ric Pratte, to discuss the AVL Digital Nomads community and its impact on the remote working culture in Asheville. During the conversation, Ric Pratte provided insights into the growth and dynamism of our organization. He shared details about the collaborative and inclusive […]

Eli the Computer Guy Podcast

Podcast Eli the computer guy with Ric Pratte

In this podcast episode, we delve into the world of Digital Nomads in Asheville and explore the various aspects that make our group so special. During the episode, we discuss the rapid growth of our community and the increasing number of remote workers choosing Asheville as their home. Our founder shares the vision and goals […]

Sharing Stories

Sharing Stories.

Let’s Grow This Community Together—What are Your Stories to Tell? The AVL Digital Nomads have come a long way, and wow! The conversations, ideas, laughs, and friendships have been powerful, so let’s entice more people to add to the energy of this amazing group. We would like our community to describe the community. While we […]

Meetup Live Podcast

Meetup Live podcast

Collaborative Community Building: Leadership Teams Sarah Andrews, Lead Organizer, was a presenter in a Meetup Live event discussing how to recruit leadership teams for successful group organization. Sarah Andrews, Deborah Paiva, and Daniel Seixas share their experiences with distributing responsibilities, identifying areas for assistance, asking members for support, and delegating tasks to help groups thrive.

Talking ‘Ship Podcast

podcast talking ship

Ric Pratte is the co-founder of Asheville Digital Nomads MeetUp group, which has grown to over 1,700 members in just two years. In the final episode of the Talking ‘Ships Podcast’s third season, Ric Pratte discusses AVL Digital Nomads rapid growth and the various events we have put on for remote workers, solopreneurs, and actual […]

WNC Business News Feature

We are delighted to announce that our organization was recently featured in a news article on WNC Business News! The article, titled “Connecting Remote Workers to Each Other and Local Businesses,” highlights our efforts to bring together remote workers and local businesses in the Western North Carolina area. The article discusses how our organization has […]

That Remote Life podcast

Interview with Ric with Mitko on That REmote Life Podcast

Ric Pratte, the founder of AVL Digital Nomads, was interviewed by Mitko on a podcast about why Asheville, North Carolina is a great destination for digital nomads. They discussed the economic impact of remote workers in a city like Asheville, as well as the importance of the #1 rule for a remote worker meet-up: not […]

Mention in Citizen Times Article

AVL Digital Nomads was included in an article published by the Citizen Times, which highlights the increasing trend of working from home in Asheville, North Carolina. The article, “Working from home? NC ranks top 10 in remote jobs, Buncombe rates higher than nation” discusses how Asheville has a higher percentage of people working from home […]

Hypepotamus News Feature

Hypepotamus has featured us in their article titled “The Entrepreneurial Journey Looks Different in Asheville and it is Bringing New Tech Talent to Town.” We are pleased to be recognized as a company that is contributing to the growth of the tech industry in Asheville. The article highlights how our group and other startups are […]