Eli the Computer Guy Podcast

In this podcast episode, we delve into the world of Digital Nomads in Asheville and explore the various aspects that make our group so special.

Ric Pratte – Founder of AVL Digital Nomads

During the episode, we discuss the rapid growth of our community and the increasing number of remote workers choosing Asheville as their home. Our founder shares the vision and goals behind Digital Nomads, emphasizing our commitment to volunteerism, event organization, and creating an inclusive environment for newcomers.

The conversation also touches on the role of Meetup as a platform for organizing our events and the unique challenges that come with managing a rapidly expanding community. Through this podcast, you’ll gain valuable insights into the dynamic nature of Digital Nomads and our role in shaping Asheville as a thriving hub for remote workers and tech professionals.

If you’re interested in joining our community or attending our exciting events, be sure to explore our website and get involved. Together, we’re building a supportive network that connects remote workers, fosters collaboration, and strengthens the tech ecosystem in Asheville.

Come and be a part of AVL Digital Nomads, where remote work meets community!