Let’s Grow This Community Together—What are Your Stories to Tell?

The AVL Digital Nomads have come a long way, and wow!

The conversations, ideas, laughs, and friendships have been powerful, so let’s entice more people to add to the energy of this amazing group. We would like our community to describe the community.

While we know how welcoming everyone in this group is, the large group as a whole might seem a bit intimidating to someone who’s new, so let’s try something out—personalizing AVL Digital Nomads through individual stories.

Is there a AVL Digital Nomads bonding moment you’ll never forget?
A fond community event memory?
An ‘aha’ moment from a shared knowledge event?
Or something that was simply hilarious while grabbing a beer?
Whatever that story is, everyone wants to hear it if you’re willing to share.

AVL Digital Nomads Group Meeting in Asheville.

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