The Mindful Marketplace Podcast

In an episode of “The Mindful Marketplace” podcast, Joel Skene interviewed our founder, Ric Pratte, to discuss the AVL Digital Nomads community and its impact on the remote working culture in Asheville.

Ric Pratte – Founder of AVL Digital Nomads

During the conversation, Ric Pratte provided insights into the growth and dynamism of our organization. He shared details about the collaborative and inclusive culture that brings together a diverse group of thinkers and professionals. Ric also highlighted the importance of creating a supportive community for remote workers and fostering connections among members.

The episode delved into topics such as the challenges and opportunities of managing a rapidly expanding community, the role of platforms like Meetup in organizing events, and the vision and goals of AVL Digital Nomads. Ric emphasized the commitment to volunteerism, event organization, and building a vibrant tech ecosystem in Asheville.

Listeners gained valuable insights into the dynamic nature of the AVL Digital Nomads community and its role in shaping Asheville as a thriving hub for remote workers and tech professionals.

To listen to the full episode, visit “The Mindful Marketplace” podcast and get inspired by the conversation between Joel Skene and our founder, Ric Pratte.